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Classrooms for the Future:

Classrooms for the future is funded by a grant through the state of Pennsylvania. The goal is to move all our classrooms into the 21st century with technology.


Our students live in a digital world and our schools must adapt instruction to complement learning in today’s environment.  We have the opportunity and the responsibility to utilize research-based, technology-enabled practices to thrill, to inspire, and to capture the imagination of our students.  Classrooms for the Future is about creating environments for deeper cognitive development through inquiry, real and relevant project-based learning, and differentiated instruction.  In a Classroom for the Future, teachers are facilitators, guides, and co-investigators; students are producers, apprentices, and co-explorers.  Classrooms for the Future are 21st century instructional settings using 21st century techniques to enable 21st century children to succeed. (PDE Ed-Hub)


Recently, the district was awarded a $53,900 grant from the state Department of Education as part of its “Classrooms for the Future” initiative, which was designed to promote the integration of technology into high school classrooms.  This is our second year of participating in the grant.  During our first year of participation, we outfitted all math and social studies classrooms with interactive whiteboards and LCD projectors as well as laptops for the teachers and eleven mobile laptop carts for student use.  With the second year of the grant, we are outfitting science classrooms with interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, teacher laptops, and an additional 2 laptop carts for student use.


Today, continual effort is being made at all levels to integrate technology into the curriculum and to make effective use of technology innovation in our schools.


3M Product Donation

Thanks to 3M and Dyneon, a sizable product donation was provided to our District in the form of LCD projectors.  The projectors were dispursed throughout the district into classrooms with the greatest need for increased technology.